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Repurpose existing content or use our screen recorder to start your Vidstep.

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How Vidstep Transforms Your Business

Process and Workflows for your Team

Define your processes, supercharge your workflows and empower your team to learn and perform on the job, with the next generation of step by step instructional videos. Have what they need, when and where they need it instantly, with shared links, embedded content and QR codes for optimal performance in your business.

"I use Vidstep to assist my staff with training and other work. Love Vidstep and can't wait to see it grow with more functions in the near future. Great team behind this product too, very responsive and helpful."
Miguel Pagen

Multi-Locations Business Networks

Ensure your store, hospitality or retail network has quality defined and shared with each location and team, for optimal performance and consistency. Vidstep enables head office distribution of optimized process ‘how to’ videos and workflows, structured for specific locations, departments and roles. Each location also has the ability to create location specific content, under head office supervision.

"An extremely useful and easy-to-use tool! I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner! It really helps the learner easily navigate through long content. Once you start using it, it’s hard to imagine how you managed without it! A fantastic tool for sure!"
Shade Odeinde

Continuous Improvement is Key

Although Vidstep makes defining your processes very quick and simple, that is only the start of what is possible. Vidstep shares process content with your team or network with video, and invites feedback and suggested improvements from the viewers. That feedback can instantly be edited by the creator and re-released, completing a simple yet powerful iterative improvement cycle in just a few clicks.

"Vidstep is excellent to create step-by-step videos to advertise how a physical or digital product works to sell or promote. It is really very easy to use. It also allows me to easily embed it on any website. Vidstep has come to be a game changer when it comes to step-by-step instructional videos."
José F. Hernández

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Making process, task and micro-training videos is easy with Vidstep. Our simple, yet powerful platform transforms everyday video into high-performance instructionals.

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Each Vidstep is published with its own URL, Embed and QR Code. Share Vidsteps in documents, job tickets or websites, or QR codes anywhere in the real world. Easy access for all.

Real Time Analytics

Vidsteps provides real-time analytics so you can see how your video is performing as soon as it’s published. This allows you to make changes and improve your video quickly and easily.

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See how our CEO, Travis came up with the idea of Vidstep.

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