Making Delegation Easy With Vidstep

Delegation is a critical managerial skill, but it’s not one that’s easy to put into action. From a lack of time and resources to an inability to separate yourself from a beloved campaign, delegation is often prone to failure—but not impossible!

With the right mindset and a solid plan, delegation doesn’t have to be the managerial nightmare many make it out to be. Overall, there are many opportunities to make the delegation process easier. We suggest incorporating Vidstep into your training programs. Here’s how it can help.

The Challenge: Supporting Delegation and Instruction

Consider the three primary methods of streamlining the delegation process: process training, learning management systems (LMS), and video software. 

While they’re all essential, each channel has its limitations. For instance, formal training can quickly become expensive and demand too much time. There is no guarantee that your employees will learn at a comfortable pace—they might even require additional training. In addition, formal training often fails to keep up with minute changes and lacks the agility necessary to stay on top of trends.

In the same thread, LMS is also costly and cannot hold employees accountable for actually using the resources provided. Plus, it can also be isolating if learners do not feel like they have the support of their peers or instructors.

Finally, while video software holds the potential to become highly effective as a teaching tool, it often comes with a steep learning curve. As such, business managers who lack time often settle for simplistic video instructions that leave out important details and elements essential to learning. 

With that said, each option is still viable, albeit for other processes like onboarding or conferencing. 

The Opportunity: Vidstep

So, formal training, LMS, and video software don’t quite fit into the delegation equation—what now? Suppose you assign these three tools a point within a triangle. Vidstep would lie in the middle—it’s affordable, easy to use, and built specifically to streamline communications and standardise core processes.

But how does Vidstep tie back into your three other pillars? Take this perspective:

  • The training pillar houses your core ideas, paradigms, and policies. Use formal training to reinforce foundational values and skills. Play to your employees’ learning styles and use the appropriate module formats to make learning easier and more engaging.
  • Learning management systems should be incorporated as periodic refreshers, vertical or lateral upskilling, and deeper industry awareness. Incorporate LMS into your social learning efforts—encourage shared knowledge and experiences to drive your foundations. 
  • Introduce video software to improve communications and supplement seminars. Make information more absorbable and engaging.

Finally, at the very centre of your delegation process is Vidstep. While in itself not intended to replace your three pillars, Vidstep can make your delegation easier, more sustainable, and error-free.

Below are several other ways Vidstep can reinforce your team’s long-term learning journey.

Encourage Microlearning

In fast-paced environments, on-the-go training can be challenging to master. Thankfully, Vidstep makes it easier to provide in-demand microlearning, which involves delivering small, concise bursts of information that can be easily absorbed and remembered.

Trainees with previous knowledge of a specific process can use Vidstep to reinforce information and improve professional development. Plus, learners can access the content exactly when they need it.

Provide Supplementary Demonstrations

It takes time to master a skill or find your way around a piece of equipment. Using unfamiliar equipment can quickly become dangerous to you and those around you without prior knowledge.

Even after formal training, software or equipment might change or undergo updates. However, minor changes may not call for additional organised activity. Instead, video instructions will likely suffice. 

Unify Your Team

When you run a business, losing your data or failing to track progress becomes too easy. With Vidstep, you can share the appropriate video instructions with different teams and provide context for your business goals and projects. 

Use Vidstep to get everyone on the same page and ensure the information you provide is easy to access. With Vidstep, you can share content within a single interface, keeping things accessible to the right people.

Break Down Steps

Suppose you hire someone who already has previous knowledge of specific software or equipment that you employ. In that case, undergoing a comprehensive learning module may not be necessary.

Instead, you can break videos down into steps, providing new hires only with the necessary content and the appropriate resources.

Get Specific

In cases like approaching hard-to-explain concepts, formal training and LMS are appropriate. While you can arrange workshops for core practices and bigger-picture responsibilities, Vidstep can take over the specifics.

Visualise a pyramid. At the top of that pyramid are your core functionalities, delivered via formal training. The further down the pyramid you travel, the more appropriate it is to incorporate Vidstep to cover smaller tasks.

Reduce Errors

When it comes to reducing errors in the workplace, video instructions can be a powerful tool. By providing clear and concise step-by-step visual instructions, you can help employees avoid making mistakes that could cost time and money.

Additionally, video instructions can provide a visual aid that can help employees correctly identify potential hazards or steps that need to be taken to avoid errors.

When using Vidstep to create your video instructions, ensure they are high-quality, easily accessible, and engaging.

Track Performance

Vidstep is equipped with rich analytics tools, allowing business managers to monitor performance and determine how their video instructions are used. For instance, if a specific video isn’t getting much viewership, consider whether the information is relevant, engaging, and well-delivered.

On the other hand, use successful videos as benchmarks for future video instructions. Note what features and elements bode well with your employees.

The Bottom Line

Delegation is a necessary but challenging task for all business managers but can be made easier with the help of essential tools and software. You can hit the jackpot with your delegation process by creating a balance between your formal training programs, learning management systems, video software, and video instructions.

With Vidstep, success is just a few clicks away.


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